About Me

I am currently a doctoral student at The Graduate Center, CUNY in New York City. I work part-time as research associate with LMIS at the Center for Urban Research in CUNY.  I am also a Digital Publics Fellow for the Center for Humanities for 2017-2019, where I’ll be working on building a website that centralizes all the information and resources for rent regulation in New York City.


Research Interests

Neighborhoods, Urban Processes, Gentrification, Cities, Affordable Housing, Inequality, Mortgage Policies, and Financialization

My lens of analysis is the neighborhood. I’m interested in studying housing and the role that it plays in shaping individual outcomes at the neighborhood level. My dissertation research is focused on understanding the  how the underwriting of mortgages has impacted ethnic neighborhoods in urban areas across the country.

Research Methods

Stata, ArcGIS, QGIS, Excel, Ethnography, Interviews, Case Studies

I am a mixed-methods researcher, skilled at using both qualitative and quantitative methods.